3 Foods That Will Jump Start Your Weight Loss Goals


Are you looking to lose some weight? Are you just wanting to find options that will leave you feeling better and healthier? Are you even unaware of how to get started on a diet? Finding foods that will boost your metabolism will help jump start your weight loss goals. There are certain foods that increase metabolism. When you consume these foods as part of a low-fat diet and combine them with a regular exercise routine, they can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here are 3 foods that will boost your metabolism and help you lose those unwanted pounds.

  1. Grapefruit–Grapefruit is more than just a citrus fruit or healthy breakfast option. Studies have suggested that eating grapefruit can reduce insulin levels. Lower insulin levels can help your body process food more quickly and efficiently after meals. As a result, you will burn more calories and store less fat. Grapefruit can also be fun to eat. Cut a piece in half, grab a spoon, and start digging in! Be careful of consuming grapefruit juice, as certain brands contain lots of sugar and are counteractive to the benefits of the fruit. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is your best option, in this case.
  2. Green Tea--Green tea has long been lauded as a super food. It is known for its various health benefits. In terms of helping you achieve your weight loss goals, the caffeine found in green tea boosts your metabolism and heart rate. Moreover, green tea also contains a chemical, which is referred to as EGCG, that stimulates the nervous system and helps you to burn more calories. There are numerous types of green tea that you can find, in grocery stores AND restaurants. Don’t be afraid to play with additional green tea flavors (as long as they are natural).
  3. Low-Fat Yogurt–Low-fat yogurt is one of the best foods to eat when you are trying to rev up your metabolism and lose weight. It is a wonder food of sorts. Yogurt is packed with protein and calcium. Moreover, it helps you build lean muscle while providing your body with the energy it needs to continue going throughout the day. Furthermore, yogurt has active cultures which can also help regulate your digestive tract and keep your body in balance. What we recommend is reaching for greek yogurt. This yogurt is packed with protein and gives a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat. Choose options, like Chobani and Oikos, as they contain high protein levels and lower fat options.

These are just of few of the best foods to consume when trying to lose weight. Fortunately, many brand options exist at your local grocery stores where you can choose your favorite and be picky. As with any foods, pay attention to high amounts of sugar, fat, and additives that are unnecessary and will curb your weight loss. Even if you can’t eat these great foods every day, try to fit them into your diet at least every few days. You will definitely see some positive results in your weight loss if you incorporate those three foods into your life.

Walking 20 Minutes A Day For A Better Life


I’m sure you have heard that walking is really good for you. Slow pace, fast pace, hilly, or flat, walking has been many benefits for our health. And the good news? You do not have to walk miles and miles extra each week to feel those benefits.

A Little More Each Day Does Us A Lot Of Good

People often assume that they have to do a great deal of exercise in order to have a better life. They might believe that they have to jog 10 miles a day or spend 3 hours in the gym several times a week. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing things, but you do not have to go to the extreme to get fit.

Walking 20 minutes each and every day is a relaxing and simple way towards a better life that requires little effort and no extra expenditure. A brisk walk for such a short amount of time does wonders for our fitness levels in a surprisingly short amount of time. There is no major secret as to why it can make such a difference.

A Cheap Way To Get Fit

People do not always like to get involved in fitness programs or go to the gym, as they fear it will be too expensive over the long run. Gym membership can be quite a monthly outlay, and cancelling memberships can prove difficult at the best of times. Of course, some people do like to spend large amounts of money on gym outfits and the most expensive running shoes they can find. But guess what? Going for a walk outside is free. No monthly dues required. You do not have to worry about the latest sneakers, only that you hope is doesn’t rain! Find a park, sidewalks in a neighborhood, or walking paths in your community for your daily walks.

Walking does not have to be at a set time and you can spend more than 20 minutes a day doing it. The point here is that it only takes 20 minutes a day to give your health a boost and lead to a better life. You can walk anywhere and do not need any special equipment or facility to do it.

A Little Change For A Great Health Boost

If you are not entirely sure that you can spare 20 minutes a day to walk, there are ways to increase the amount of walking you do without too much extra effort on your behalf. For those that take the bus or public transportation to work, just catch it one stop later and get off it one stop earlier. If that is not equal to 20 minutes, then make it two stops at either end of your journey. For those that eat lunch at work, go for a 20 minute stroll during your lunch hour. On the weekends, take a stroll either in the morning or during the evening. After a few weeks, you may feel that walking for a healthy life is a fantastic idea.


Hopefully this has been a helpful insight into how walking can improve your life. You will notice benefits fairly quickly after starting to walk for 20 minutes daily. It will improve your levels of overall fitness without a doubt. It is certainly a case of walking for a healthy life.

5 Ways To Live A More Active Life Today

Active Life

According to studies, people who engage in active lifestyles could live nearly five years longer than their sedentary counterparts. In fact, the more physical activity you engage in, the longer you are likely to live. While many factors contribute to life expectancy, researchers have found that people who get at least two hours of moderate exercise per week, or even just over one hour of vigorous exercise per week, lived an average of 3.4 years longer than sedentary people.

Meanwhile, those individuals who exercised at least twice that amount lived an average of 4-5 years longer than their sedentary counterparts. If older or disabled adults cannot handle such recommendations, there are adjustments and adaptations that can be made to exercise programs. Even less arduous and frequent amounts of exercise are beneficial for everyone and certainly healthier than no exercise at all. Studies showed that people who got even half the recommended amount of exercise each week extended their lives by as much as two years.

Needless to say, exercise is an essential element for everyone regardless of age or physical conditioning. While older adults, those with mobility issues, and/or disabilities may need to curtail or adapt their exercise program, it is recommended that people stay as active and mobile as possible. Here are five ways to start living a more active life today.


Improving and/or maintaining cardiovascular health is necessary for a longer and more active life. Aerobic activities, such as walking, swimming, and jogging, have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer of both women and men in the U.S. This form of activity helps to reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL levels) and blood pressure levels. Moreover, this form of exercise also helps to improve blood sugar control and maintain a healthy weight, both of which help prevent and reduce the risk for diabetes. Furthermore, walking is also a weight-bearing activity, which helps to build bone density for reduced risk of fracture, muscle loss, and osteoporosis.

Watching TV While Working Out

Try setting up your exercise bike and/or treadmill in front of the TV, and exercise your way to a more active lifestyle as you watch. What if you do have exercise equipment or prefer yoga, pilates, and/or stretching exercises? March in place, clean the room, or place your mat and weights in front of your entertainment center instead. It does not matter how you get moving. The point is to stay as active as possible. Studies suggest that the longer you sit watching TV without moving, the greater your waist size, and the higher your risk of developing health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke among others.

Creative Workout Options

If you have a desk job or severe mobility issues, you may need to adapt a creative workout routine. If you can, try using the stairs instead of the elevator, especially if it is only a couple of flights. If you sit much of the day, try getting up and stretching or taking small walks throughout the day. If that is not possible, there is always isometric exercises which can be done while sitting or lying down.

Stand in Place

Standing uses more muscles and burns more calories than sitting. If you train yourself to stand as much as possible (e.g. talk on the phone, walk or pace during meetings if possible, waiting in the doctor’s office, stand while riding on the bus or train, etc.), these are easy and low impact ways to live a more active lifestyle.

Active Messaging

Try going retro and adopt a more active messaging approach at work or home. Forget email and walk down the hall to ask a question or communicate with your co-workers. Work from home? Stand and walk while on Skype or WebEx meetings. Making a few simple adjustments such as these will not only help you live a more active and healthier lifestyle, it might help you live a longer and more productive life.